Mana Medicinals Balance Blend Tea

 Balance Blend 

Supports the nervous, digestive &

endocrine systems

Organic ingredients: raspberry leaf,

oatstraw, lady's mantle, nettles,

chamomile and peppermint


Mana Medicinals Cold and Breathe Ease tea

   Cold & Breathe Ease 

Supports the immune &

Respiratory systems

Organic ingredients: mullein, sage,

oregano, nettles and peppermint 


Mana Medicinals Healthy Joints Tea

   Healthy Joints   

Supports healthy function of muscles

and joints

Organic ingredients: alfalfa,

horsetail, tulsi and nettles


Mana Medicinals Ruby Tea

   Ruby Tea    

Full of vitamin C, Ruby tea supports the immune, digestive & nervous systems

Organic ingredients: raspberry leaf,

lemon verbena, tulsi,

hibiscus & elderflower


Mana Medicinals Digestion Tea

   Digestion Tea 

Supports the digestive system

Organic ingredients: peppermint,

chamomile & nettles


Mana Medicinals Holy Jasmine Tea

   Holy Jasmine   

Supports healthy function of the body,

clarifies the mind and supports the

reduction of stress.

Organic ingredients: tulsi, nettles

& jasmine green tea




Mana Medicinals Cleansing Tea

   Cleansing Tea   

Supports healthy function of the liver,

kidneys & lymphatic system 

Organic ingredients: dandelion,

red clover & cleavers


Mana Medicinals Stress Free Tea

  Stress Free Tea   

Supports the nervous &

digestive systems

Organic ingredients: lemon balm,

chamomile & nettles