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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What made you become an herbalist?
    First I became a massage therapist. As I was building my practice I was also working as a landscaper. I thoroughly enjoyed working with plants and learning about their benefits. I became a MT because of my own pain and learning how to heal myself. I did the same with plant medicine. I found herbs that helped me get over allergies, anxiety and inflammatory issues.
  • Where do you grow your herbs?
    I grow them at my apothecary in Boothbay Harbor. I have several small gardens that provide what we need.
  • How do you make a tincture?
    I use either the leaves, flowers, roots, or the whole plant. Some are tinctured fresh and some I dry first. I macerate the plant, put it in a half gallon mason jar and fill the jar with organic grain alcohol and water. Root based tinctures require more alcohol to water ratio. I then shake the jar once a day for a month, then I let the tincture steep for at least two more months. Some herbs need to be processed as a double extraction tincture, like chaga, reishi and usnea. They need both heat and alcohol to extract all the nutrients. I make a strong decoction with the herb in water first and once it cools, I add the alcohol.
  • Are your products safe for kids?
    Yes! But I would not give young children alcohol-based tinctures.
  • Are your products safe for animals?
    Yes! Healing Moisturizer for hot spots, Bug bite & and booboo juice for insect bites and bee stings, Ache Away oil for injuries, CBD tincture for arthritis and anxiety. I would avoid giving animals alcohol-based tinctures.
  • Does it take much time to make your products?
    Yes, lots of time. I grow and maintain the plants, monitor for invasive insects, I talk to the plants lovingly, harvest daily, dry some of them, clean and chop roots, infuse into oil, make tincture, blend into formulas, bottle them and consult with clients on their specific needs. Rinse and repeat.
  • Do you have anything for anxiety?
    Yes,, but I first talk about your lifestyle. How much coffee do you drink? Do you exercise/go for walks outside? Do you drink water? I recommend the De-Stress extract, CBD tincture, Balance Blend Tea, Stress Free Tea.
  • Do you have anything for pain? Arthritis?
    First tell me what kind of pain. How did it happen? Does the pain radiate? Do you stretch? Get massage? Drink water? Use heat or ice on the ailment? I recommend the Ache Away Oil topically, Turmeric Tonic to reduce inflammation, CBD tincture for whole body inflammation, Healthy Joints Tea to lubricate your joints and muscles.
  • Do you have anything for menopause/premenstrual symptoms?
    Yes! The Balance Blend Tea is excellent for balancing the endocrine system. I would also suggest avoiding excess dairy products, soy and decreasing stress.
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