Meant to be...

Several years ago I learned to roll with the challenges and obstacles life dealt me. There is a reason for everything, whether we create it ourselves or not...

This past winter I spent three months in Maine, helping my mother rehab a broken knee. As difficult and painful as this was for my mom, it was a gift to the both of us. She and I have always been best friends and our time together is a blessing. I had lived on Block Island, Rhode Island since 2006 and for nine of those years I had been a live-in caregiver for a wonderful (and most definitely cantankerous) Island elder. Old Man Willis is one of the most fantastical persons in my life, dearest to my heart. Being a caregiver is something I was born to do, I am drawn to help those in need, especially in healthcare. Though, after nine years and at age 34, I decided for my own wellbeing, it was time to free myself of full-time caregiving and focus on my future, education and get back to myself for a while. After my decision in the spring of 2015, I searched high and low for a place to live on Block Island. Unfortunately, being such a small place there are not many options for housing and I had been unsuccessful in finding a new home. So, in December my mama had her accident and there I was in Maine for three months. In that time, as if it was meant to be, everything fell into place for me. I miraculously found a most beautiful home to rent with the most incredibly supportive landlords, applied and was accepted to the Boothbay and Damariscotta Farmers Markets and have been excitedly welcomed by delightful members of this community. As challenging as it was to pack up my life and gardens, wrap up three businesses, part from the Old Man and reestablish in a new place, I did it with optimism and an excited heart. I couldn't be happier and healthier. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart, Susan Endicott for her love and support and providing me with a place to work and live, Robert Mitchell for everything, especially photos taken for my website, Lori Reynolds of Marketing Cents 4u for her endless patience and efforts with my product labeling and building my revised website, Brian Barter and Lee Hammond who are always willing to make things happen and my mama for making me :) 💜💜💜

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